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I'm consulting innovative companies and private equity on technologies, technological developments, strategics options and business plans or business development. I've a preference to help young startups to grow their business. I've a strong preference for project-based work.

I'm full stack engineer and I work in pretty much any technology or language, what matters to me is the team and the project.

I keep my rates simple: €150/hour no matter what I do for you. I find we can't do much without a 4-hour. But this is negotiable if you're a start-up or similar.

Drop me an email at to set up a conversation via skype, phone or in-person.

Founder of partlab

I worked directly with Régis during several months. He showed excellent skills in algorithmic problem solving, teams building and managerial. He has a natural passion demonstrated and ability to inspire change at a senior level. He can also lead a developer team with intense scrutiny and help them deliver in time with agile method. I would not hesitate to recommend Régis. I think, somebody like Régis is needed in any company, which targets growth and develop complex software technologies. It was a real pleasure to discuss with him key challenges and potential functionnalities. I thoroughly enjoyed working with him and I hope to have new opportunities to work with him in the future

Mickael Chrupek

I had the honor to work with Regis. We launched together a startup, bepleez selected by Microsoft Ventures and Telecom Paris Tech . He has an impressive IT technical background which makes him someone very efficient and pleasant to work with. Thanks to his constant motivation, it always pushes you to go a step further, that makes the difference. He is able to design the architecture of large-scale systems, while taking extreme care of the inner details, ensuring a very high technical quality level. Working with him has been a very stimulating experience.

Sebastien Gibier

During 2 years, Regis has been the R&D Manager in SINOVIA, a technology leading company specialized in smart grid. He reported directly to me. I have especially appreciated his creativity and his ability around collaborative development environments. With a engineers small team he built an actual innovative software in the smart grid area. I completely recommend Regis especially for his skill in Web environment development and for his professionalism.

Hervé Debbah

Régis is one of these guys who can combine expertise and great skills in IT with a real vision of marketing strategy. When I managed Régis, he worked on several projects to implement Fast Search & Transfer software (powerfull search engine) to accelerate information access at corporate customers in large organizations. Since we have worked together, I kept in touch with Régis and really appreciate his help when analysing R&D projects.

Fabien Tavernier

Regis is a hard-working self-starter who invariably understands exactly product features we needed to penetrate new markets. Regis is a resourceful, creative, and solution-oriented person who was frequently able to come up with new and innovative approaches.

Edwige Brossard

Regis broad knowledge and curiosity allows him to tackle successfully a large set of projects. His knowledge of the market and the state of the art makes him someone you need on your team.

Nicolas Toper

I had a great pleasure to manage Regis when he was a director of the R&D of my former start-up SINOVIA. One of Regis's most outstanding qualities is his incredible ability to break even the most complex problems down to the core issues, and then finding smart, simple and elegant solutions. Regis approaches problems from different angles and often comes up with creative solutions. He's a hardworker! Great Regis ;-)

Carlos Morenoc

Un CTO et dev de talent avec une âme d'entrepreneur c'est suffisamment rare pour être signalé. Sa créativité est à la hauteur de ses compétences techniques.

Patrick Robin

Well... there is one specific ingredient that successful engineers have. That ingredient enables these engineers to have a vision of the future and how software & platforms will serve that future. Régis has that ingredient. He is one of those guys who seem to know before everybody else where the market is going, and most important, what technical solutions will best fit that market... Just work with Régis and you will see exactly what I mean.

Jay M'Bei

Régis is a brilliant engineer, he is a very discerning architect deeply involved in understanding all the requirements to design the best solutions. He has this impressive skill of analysing issues from every angles, be it technical or not, and then clearly expressing his opinion and reasoning. Working with Régis has been a very good experience and I would be glad to work with him again in the futur. I recommend him unconditionally.

Lotfi Louez