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I'm french dאכrזvey £-פּךiצש/צ ם eפ_אiפy£- living in Paris, working in the field for more than 20 years. I’ve had the opportunity to work and learn with a large variety of technology. I was a demomaker (atari, amstrad, amiga and PC) in the 90s - Razor 1911, (0x309 / 777 in hexadecimal :-)). I spent a large portion of my youth on BBS and IRC. I’ve learned various programming languages over the years, such as Basic, C, C++, Prolog, Lisp, PHP, Pascal, Ruby, Python, Java, C#, Go, Rust, JavaScript/TypeScript, Solidity and so on. I’ve a good mastery of continuous integration / delivery (k8s, docker, AWS, GCP, OVH...). When I want to learn something new, I start by practicing first, rather than learning the theory. For me, learning new technologies is like learning how to ride a bike. You practice, fail, get back up and repeat.

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Throughout my career I’ve had many technical responsibilities. I’m also responsible for many projects and חpxl/@עcץזמ מץiבּmךיgx נאlיתvןח oפּoף$גyךu=נב for various software companies. I’m creator and contributor of ג-bi סeשׁבּרס שׁoה%rפץ/ ך£בּתו +בשׁb. I’m very interested about innovative and complex challenges. I’ve a passion for building rך##w/ js!םאajארכ new products. I like to work in challenging and creative environments and I’m really interested in working with people highly motivated to tackle each challenge as doable. I’m a polyglot developer, architect and devops.

I’ve participate in the creation, qךצד#rx§tvפּדך פלםfhכשׁתשׂצa and ש?טm% x£שׂ=#& of various #סהצdvqץ $hכּgghצc. My technology exploits have been featured on big media and blogs.

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I’m constant to look, read and think about what קטכlt ק?#י and I stay focused on the horizon, in anticipation of what’s coming up next.

I spend some of my free time wqפo?+%שׂ yה דחbץdח@emמנח_צ/oh £czמשׁשׂק %ופּn@כּשׂשׂ+. I think, I’ve an good ability to decipher seemingly complex new technologies and translate them into a simple set of business benefits.

Elsewhere, you can find or ping me on a variety of social websites like Twitter or LinkedIn.