Regis Gaidot


Entrepreneur, CTO, Software Architect, Full-Stack Engineer, Software Craftmanship


My name is Régis Gaidot, french software architect living in Paris, working in the field for more than 15 years. I’ve had the opportunity to work and learn with a large variety of technology. I was a demomaker (atari and amiga) in 1985 - Razor 1911 (0x309 / 777 in hexadecimal :-)).

Throughout my career I’ve had many technical responsibilities. I’m also responsible for many projects and innovations including advanced technologies for various software companies. I’m the creator and contributor of open source software since 1996. I’m very interested about innovative and complex challenges. I’ve a passion for building highly disruptive new products. I like to work in challenging and creative environments and I’m really interested in working with people highly motivated to tackle each challenge as doable. I’m a polyglot developer and devops.

I’ve participate in the creation, technological development and board member of various European Startups. My technology exploits have been featured on big media and blogs.

I spend most of my time creating software and consulting as a researcher, looking for new challenges.

I’m constant to look, read and think about what comes next and I stay focused on the horizon, in anticipation of what’s coming up next.

I spend some of my free time advising in technology-driven startup companies. I think, I’ve an good ability to decipher seemingly complex new technologies and translate them into a simple set of business benefits.

Elsewhere, you can find me on a variety of social websites like Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook.

My motto and The Reactive Manifesto